A learning environment: Not only will your child learn the ABC’s and 123, but they will also learn honesty, respect, and self-reliance.

A safe environment: Your child’s safety is our greatest concern. Your child will only be released or dismissed from school to a person who you “the parent or guardian” has authorized.

A nurturing environment: In our home like setting, your child will be encouraged to share their feelings and express their creativity.

A proper approach to discipline: Since children occasionally need discipline, it is important we share a similar philosophy so that your child does not become confused as to where the boundaries are and what is expected of him or her. Children are taught which behaviors are inappropriate and why, and are then given alternatives that are acceptable. In this way the behavior is being changed without making the child feel “bad” or unloved.




Communication is the key to a successful child care arrangement. The parent and provider need to have a good working relationship so they can communicate and work together. Please inform us of changes in your child’s routine, social events, death, divorce separation, moving, visitors, etc. All this information can be important in understanding your child’s feelings, behavior, and well being.

We invite you to share with us in writing, by telephone, or schedule an appointment to talk about your concerns and questions concerning our facility and values.

Director: Mrs. Sherry Singh